A Little About Concierge Title and Me

My career has been in title for over 20 years. I spent most of those years at Chicago Title and StarTex Title. When the Mobile Title company model was presented to me, I thought, this just makes sense. Your client pays half in fees, and can close anywhere; our offices, clients home or office, walk thru, out of state and country too for $0 fee. In addition, there is no sacrifice in service. We work just like every other title company.

Keep in mind Concierge Title’s model is mobile closings, so we have “vetted” Courtesy Closers all over Texas. While our Courtesy Closers are out closing the transactions, the Escrow officer is back at the office getting your deal to the closing table and readily available to answer phone calls, not stuck in closings all day.

How can we do this and stay in business? We are mobile, so most of our employees work from home, just like most realtors, so there is no need for expensive brick & mortar offices, so we pass savings on to the client. We do have closing offices. Please see ctotx.com for locations. All Title companies charge the same for the title policy because we are regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance. Concierge Title of Texas is approaching 10 years in business and growing strong.

When I talk to consumers, they all say how much they would have loved the opportunity for this convenience, and to save some real cash! Be the one who offers Mobile Title service and get More Referrals!